Security, networking, data protection, and user support – Net 1 Services handles it all for an affordable, predictable monthly price.

By outsourcing the management of your IT system to us, we optimize your network performance, so it functions at the peak level of efficiency and reliability that your business demands. Our responsibility is to function like a trustworthy and highly competent business partner, guiding you to the technology solutions that bring your business to the next level of connectivity, production, and success.



When trouble arises and your computer system refuses to cooperate, the Net 1 Services Help Desk is your communications hub for all IT issues big and small. Our professionally qualified technicians provide direct support for your entire network, server hardware, software, and individual workstations.



Our team keeps a close eye on the technology market, continually researching, analyzing, and evaluating solutions to best fit your unique IT structure. Whenever you’re looking for expert technical advice to ensure your software and hardware perform the tasks you require, the Net 1 Services team is there to support you.