Protect your most valuable assets – Your Data!

With Net 1 Services, your system files are setup, maintained, preserved, secured, and restored completely online in a highly secured environment. Regardless of the threat of disaster from flood, fire, or break in, you can rest assured your data is guarded with the same top level security that financial industry banks use for secured online banking. 


Benefits of Online Backup

Low Cost of Ownership

With online backup, you can preserve and restore all of your files in a secure, offsite environment without a major capital investment. We even manage the setup and the maintenance for you, so you can concentrate on your business.

Built-In Security

Our solution offers several features that provide maximum security when backing up and archiving data. Files are first packaged to ensure that bandwidth is minimized during transmission. The data is then encrypted  using a unique 256 bit encryption key.

Secure Storage

Encrypted backups are transmitted over a secure connection, remaining encrypted until they are finally stored in SSAE compliant data centers located in the United States. Each data center provides a 99.999% up-time guarantee and has 24/7 physical security.

Advanced Features

We have spent a great deal of time and research to bring our customers advanced features that provide optimum functionality for backing up and restoring data. These features include Exchange and SQL plugins, multiple file revisions, logs and reports, and multiple computer support.


Stop buying downtime. Invest in uptime!

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